Electronic Toll Collection System in the Republic of Belarus

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To use the network of toll roads covered by the BelToll system it is necessary and mandatory to equip the vehicle with a small electronic device, called on-board unit (OBU). Equipped with an OBU the driver may drive on any lane, does not have to reduce speed or stop the vehicle on the tolled roads.

The tolling facilities, called gantries, along the toll roads network are equipped with special antennas. The OBU enables the toll system to clearly identify a toll-liable vehicle and to store and process the recorded information electronically.

When a vehicle, equipped with an OBU passes through a tolling facility, the OBU exchanges data with the gantry antennas and finally confirms the toll transaction with an acoustic signal. This acoustic signal informs the driver that the toll has duly been charged. The different types of acoustic signals and their meaning are listed in the OBU user manual.

The OBU can be handed over after successful registration of a vehicle in the BelToll system and after the required deposit for the device is paid:

  • 20 EUR for motor vehicles with maximum laden weight not exceeding 3.5 tons;
  • 50 EUR for motor vehicles (heavy vehicles, buses) with maximum laden weight of over 3.5 tons.

The deposit is to be paid in BYR at the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the day of payment.

The installation of the OBU is very easy. The OBU can be simply attached on the inside of the vehicle's windscreen. Details about the correct mounting and additional information about the use of the OBU are provided together with the OBU in a user manual. Vehicles with a fully metalized windscreen should use the OBU with an external antenna.

Before entering a toll section of the road, drivers should make sure their on-board unit is working properly, checking it in accordance with the User Manual. Drivers should also pay attention to the OBU signals while passing the toll collection stations.

The on-board unit uses the internal battery and doesn’t require any additional connection to a power supply within the vehicle.

Attention! Each OBU is assigned to a particular registered vehicle and can be used in this vehicle only.

In the process of an OBU personalization the license plate number (LPN) is the key identifier. In case of the license plate replacement, further usage of toll roads with the previously obtained OBU, which is not personalized for the new license plate number, is classified as a violation. In this case it is obligatory to obtain a new OBU, personalized for the new license plate number at the nearest Customer Service Point before entering the toll road.

In particular, this rule applies to taxi drivers, who in addition to the standard license plate number on white background may use a special yellow license plate number with the TAX series. In this case the OBU, installed in the vehicle, has to be personalized for the LPN, which is actually used while travelling along the toll roads. In case both LPNs are used while driving along toll roads, it is necessary to obtain two OBUs and to make sure that the OBU installed on the windscreen matches the LPN which is actually used at the moment, each time before entering a toll road.

In the process of registration of a vehicle with two license numbers specified in its technical passport, the vehicle’s owner should inform which LPN should the OBU be obtained for (or for both).

When using two license plate numbers for one vehicle and owning two OBUs, please always store the second OBU, not in use at the moment while driving along toll roads, in the metalized package only!

To avoid confusion with on-board units from other countries the BelToll OBU is marked with the BY sign.